Dear Ping,
As a manager who has been traveling to China for more than 15 years, I can say that your Chinese tutoring lessons are VERY useful to the beginning Mandarin student.
I took classes at a local college, but I have had more success in learning Chinese via your online tutoring than any other way. My staff in Beijing has noticed a marked improvement in my pronunciation since using your tutoring service.
In fact, I have noticed that often people in the Beijing office cease talking, or poke their friends to alert them when I enter the room! What better compliment to my Chinese can there be?
Paul R.

Miss Ping,
I want to tell you how thankful I am for your Mandarin lessons. I am now working in China and I feel it is a necessity to learn Chinese. I began by trying to teach myself, using books and CDs with limited success. However, since starting using your tutoring service my language skills have improved measurably. I owe my success to you, and I thank you very much.
David Gavin from CA USA

Hi Ping, I want to thank you for your Mandarin Chinese lessons. I have taken three other language courses but in none of them did I progress as swiftly as I have in your course.
Bob Gray, Boston, USA

Dear Ping,
I have been working at learning Mandarin for several years taking classes and trying CDs and a variety of books but it has been your tutoring that really has helped me improve my ability with your language. I now feel motivated to polish my language skills.
John White in Reno, NV USA

Dear Miss Ping,
I would recommend your Chinese tutoring to anyone hoping to learn Mandarin Chinese. The lessons are very efficiently prepared and enjoyable for the students. Thank you very much.
Respectfully Yours,
Marty, CA USA

Hi Ping,
I think I talk for a lot of folks when I thank you for your outstanding tutoring. I am sure everyone is getting as much out of these lessons as I am. My Chinese friends are impressed with how well I speak their language including the precise way I pronounce the words.
Jacky from Dallas USA

Miss Ping,
You have developed a wonderful way to teach a very difficult language. You have made this experience so much more enjoyable than I ever thought possible.
Adam Kloster, Sydney Australia

Dear Miss Ping,
You seem to a special knack for teaching Chinese and I feel fortunate for having the opportunity to be one of your students.
Tom Brooks Las Vegas, NV USA

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