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Chinese tourism When you travel in China, you may feel confused and frustrated if you cannot make yourself understood. With Tourist Chinese in your hands, you can overcome all the difficulties encountered during the trip.

This e-book starts from basic expressions for dialogues to essential expressions for traveling (boarding an airplane to booking a hotel, shopping, ordering food, traveling around, sightseeing, going back home, etc.). Learners will soon master the essential expressions that are especially useful for foreign travelers in China. Specifically, it includes pinyin, English translation, situational conversations, and commonly used vocabulary, progressing step by step. By adding sound to each sentence, it is easy and convenient to use, just like a real Chinese teacher by your side, and is especially suitable for self-taught beginners.

With a full use of it, language obstacles commonly experienced will be removed. Besides, it also lays a foundation for your further study of Chinese. I sincerely hope this e-book could become your good friend.

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Price:$14.95 File Size:10.9MB Total Pages:68(15 lessons) Format:PDF (sound embedded)
Security:No Copy Function Printing:Yes (A4) Copying:No Teaching Program:Available online
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Contents (Lesson 1-15)
Teaching Program
Dialogue Recording

PartI 会话基本用语
Basic Expression for Dialogues
Lesson 1—问候用语Greetings

Lesson 1 Lesson 1

Lesson 2—自我介绍用语

Lesson 2 Lesson 2

Lesson 3-道谢用语 道歉用语
Expressing Thanks
Making an Apology

Lesson 3 Lesson 3-1 Lesson 3-2
Lesson 3-3

Lesson 4-请求用语 询问用语
Requests & Inquiries

Lesson 4 Lesson 4-1 Lesson 4-2
Lesson 4-3

PartII 旅游必备用语
Essential Expressions for Traveling
Lesson 5—在飞机上On the Plane

Lesson 5 Lesson 5

Lesson 6—在机场
At the Airport

Lesson 6-1
Lesson 6-2
Lesson 6

Lesson 7—在旅馆
In the Hotel

Lesson 7-1
Lesson 7-2
Lesson 7

Lesson 8—用餐
Having a meal

Lesson 8-1
Lesson 8-2
Lesson 8

Lesson 9—外出
Going Out

Lesson 9-1
Lesson 9-2
Lesson 9

Lesson 10—购物

Lesson 10-1
Lesson 10-2
Lesson 10

Lesson 11—邮寄

Lesson 11 Lesson 11

Lesson 12—换钱
Exchange Money

Lesson 12 Lesson 12

Lesson 13—观光

Lesson 13-1
Lesson 13-2
Lesson 13

Lesson 14—回国
Returning Home

Lesson 14 Lesson 14

Lesson 15—紧急呼救
Urgent Calls for Help

Lesson 15-1
Lesson 15-2
Lesson 15


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