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master pinyin Do you want to study Chinese from the beginning by yourself? Do you want to master Chinese pronunciation easily and effectively?

Learning Pinyin is the first step of studying the Chinese language. It helps you in mastering the standard pronunciation of Chinese. Pinyin is a Romanized phonetic system for the national standard pronunciation of Chinese. Most Chinese software accepts Pinyin as an input system. Pinyin represents both the sounds and tones of Chinese pronunciation and using it will help you quickly learn conversational Chinese and input Chinese characters on the computer. After mastering Pinyin, you may read Pinyin marked Chinese books, learn Chinese characters by looking in the dictionary and thus enter a new world of learning Chinese!

master pinyin Master Chinese Pronunciation (Pinyin) is broken down into four sections: Overview of pinyin; Spelling Rules; Tones; Pronunciation Drills. This book provides the reader training wheels for learning Chinese. By providing detailed pronunciation explanation, sample words of English and Chinese, a lot of pronunciation exercise, learners can master pinyin easily and quickly. Chinese ballad is provided for each pinyin unit for learners to gain language sense through learning.

The advantage and difference of this Pinyin study book is that it is based upon standard American English, the pinyin component will present similarities to which speakers of English can relate. It also outlines and explains the tones of Chinese, providing tips and lots practice exercises.

Detailed teaching program for this course is provided. Learners can get the best learning results by listening to the program, practice in class and after class.

It is a very practical mandarin course for beginners who have just started to learn Chinese.

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Master Chinese Pronunciation-Pinyin Teaching Program

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